Roasted Apple Brussel Sprouts

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Looking for a super easy and quick Thanksgiving side dish idea? I’ve got you covered with this crowd pleaser. This oven-roasted Apple Brussel Sprouts combo is filled with all of your fall-themed essentials. It is not only an easy recipe to throw together, but also a healthier and lighter option than all the turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. It is also Gluten-Free, Vegan and Paleo-Friendly.  Bonus? It looks super-duper fancy. Amirite?

Use Apples to sweeten things up

I have been on a sautéed-apple kick this fall. I love to simply pan-fry them in some coconut oil and cinnamon and throw them on top of my oatmeal, pancakes, toast and NOW into a savory Thanksgiving dish! The apples are a pleasant surprise, adding a nice sweet crunch to the brussel sprouts.

Roasting Veggies

Firstly, you will need to chop and then place the ingredients in a pan – brussel sprouts, apple, squash and pecans. Secondly, season them with salt pepper, cinnamon and rosemary. Then while the vegetables are roasting in the oven,  you can enjoy a nice glass of pinot noir with the family. Just under 30 minutes, you will have a sweet and savory Thanksgiving vegetable side dish!

For more holiday side dish ideas, check out these Vegan Pumpkin Pie Hummus and Beetroot Hummus recipes. I Hope everyone has a fun and filling Thanksgiving 2018 with family from near and far!

roasted apple brussel sprouts
Yield: 6

Roasted Apple Brussel Sprouts

Roasted Apple Brussel Sprouts

The perfect easy Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipe

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes


  • 1 lb brussel sprouts
  • 1 large apple
  • 1 lb chopped butternut squash
  • 1/2 cup pecans
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • Salt, Pepper
  • Pinch Cinnamon, rosemary (Optional)


  1. Thoroughly wash all the produce
  2. Chop apples and butternut squash into cubes. (Or you could buy the pre-chopped butternut squash if you are lazy like me)
  3. Half brussel sprouts
  4. Add everything into a sheet pan or baking dish
  5. Add olive oil and seasoning, rub it with the veggies to make sure they are coated thoroughly
  6. Add pecans on top
  7. Bake 375 F for 30 min
  8. Sprinkle pomegranate seeds (SO FANCY right?) 


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Roasted Apple Brussel Sprouts
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