Shuangy's Kitchensink

About Me

Hi Friends! My name is Shuang Shuang, the creator of Shuangy’s Kitchen Sink, a food blog that focuses on health and wellness. You will find healthy and delicious recipes from baked goods to savory dishes that are easy to make, boyfriends and family friendly.

I have always loved anything health and fitness related since I was young. Growing up in China, I have been heavily influenced by Chinese Medicine, and Functional Medicine. And being a huge foodie, I enjoy creating healthy, delicious and accessible recipes with real food ingredients made to nourish our bodies and improve our moods.

While I was at my corporate job, my “dream job” after graduate school. I had found myself craving a platform to express my wildest dream and biggest passion all these years. And there is the beginning of Shuangy’s Kitchensink.

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about diet and exercise. It’s all about a balanced mindset (I am all about that kale and wine). That’s why my goal is to share some tips on how you can build a positive mindset around food and help you understand what magical and functional things it can do to your bodies. You’ll see how easy this can all can be done throughout my blog. I also hope to share a few laughs with you along the way!

Since being a new mom in 2021, when our first son Oliver was born, I have also taken on the best job in the world. It is not an easy journey, but I have learned lots along the way. So I also want to create a space for this important part of my life in SKS – sharing tips with new moms, mom-to-bes, busy moms. Easy and healthy recipes for your little ones, baby led weaning, purees, freezer meals, instant pot quick dinners, you name it!

Now let’s meet my little family who is the biggest support of Shuangy’s Kitchensink.


Here are a few fun facts about me:

  1. I love food puns and pick-up lines
  2. My future last name is STACK, yes like a Stack of Pancakes
  3. I hate raw kale (but do love them sautéed in garlic)
  4. I consume avocado daily like my vitamins
  5. My #1 excuse if I get pulled over is “I don’t speak English”
  6. It makes me happy to make people laugh, and be able to spread positive energy
  7. My ultimate dream is to open a café that serves my recipes, favorite product, providing an hang-out spot, and promoting enjoyable environment for the health and wellness community in Charlotte
  8. I love hearing from you guys over comments, emails, messages here or on Instagram