Meet the no bake pistachio truffle which is the perfect fudgey bite for summertime! It is easy to make, requires only 3 simple ingredients, and is perfect to enjoy for any time of day. packed with nutrient dense ingredients, gluten free, and vegan! Enjoy as is, or as a little ice cream ball.

Looking for a delicious snack that is also vegan? Look no further than this vegan no bake pistachio truffles!

These truffles are made with just a few simple ingredients, including pistachios, dates, and cocoa powder. They are also gluten-free and refined sugar-free, making them a great option for anyone!

These fun little pistachio truffles remind me of my Pecan Pie Energy Bites that only require 2 main ingredients! Super simple, and delicious.

The ingredients are laid out for no bake pistachio truffles: Pistachio, Medjool Dates, and Chocolate Chips
The ingredients are laid out for no bake pistachio truffles: Pistachio, Medjool Dates, and Chocolate Chips

Ingredients Needed To Make No Bake Pistachio Truffles

Main Ingredients:

Pistachio– Not only are pistachios a fun green nut, they also add a level of creaminess to the type of treat you are making

Dates– I use dates in SO many of my recipes. I pretty much keep an endless supply at home! They are great since they act as a natural sweetener.

Chocolate Chips– Chocolate is just good for the soul, am I right?! Some of my favorite chocolate brands I like to use that offer cleaner ingredients are; Hu, Evolved, and Enjoy Life!

Optional Ingredients:

Protein Powder– I used my Nuzest Natural Protein Powder. You can use this link and get 15% off using code SHUANGY15

Collagen– I add it to almost everything because it doesn’t change the taste or texture. I love Further Foods Unflavored Collagen!

Ground Flax-You won’t even taste it in here.

Instructions For Pistachio Truffles

Unlike many of my other truffle no bake treats, these Pistachio No Bake Truffles do not require you to soak the dates or nuts; you can just get right to it!

In a food processor, combine the pistachios and dates in a food processor. **If you are using any optional ingredients like protein powder, collagen, or ground flax- add it now.

Let the chocolate cool for about 1 minute. Then, dip each ball in and coat it entirely. Roll the balls in shredded coconut, chopped pistachios, or cacao nibs, if desired.

Then, let balls harden on a cookie sheet or cooling rack.

Store the truffles in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

Tips For Making Pistachio Truffles

These no bake treats are easy to make, but I have some tips to help ensure an easy treat is made!

  • If the mixture is too dry, add a little bit of water or milk.
  • If the mixture is too wet, add a little bit more pistachios.
  • For a more decadent truffle, use dark chocolate instead of unsweetened cocoa powder.
  • You can also add other ingredients to the truffles, such as dried fruit, nuts, or seeds.
  • Tip for dipping: use a toothpick to stick in the ball (shallow) and dip holding the toothpick. Place the chocolate coated truffle on a parchment paper, the toothpick should be shallow enough to easily be taken out. Gently smudge the hole, or sprinkle pistachio on top to cover it.

How To Store No Bake Pistachio Truffles

These no bake truffles are the perfect dessert or snack any time of day! I recommend storing these in the freezer or the fridge.

They will last up to 1 week in the fridge in an airtight container. Or in the freezer for 2-3 months.

You can leave them at room temp on the counter, but if you use coconut oil in the dipping process, the chocolate will melt FAST…especially in the summer months, so beware!

How To Serve or Enjoy No Bake Pistachio Truffles

I personally eat these on their own. Whether for a pre workout energy boost, an afternoon snack, or even for dessert!

The perfect combo is with some coffee or tea…or my favorite, a Dirty Chai!

Any way you choose to enjoy these, you won’t regret it!

These vegan no bake pistachio truffles are a delicious and satisfying snack that is also good for you! They are perfect for a quick pick-me-up or as a dessert. So why not give them a try today?

What other recipes would you like to see? Leave a comment below.


No bake pistachio truffles are laying on a parchment lined sheet, with pistachios crumbled around,

Get the recipe:No Bake Pistachio Truffles {3 Ingredients}

These 3 ingredient pistachio truffles are the perfect nutrient dense treat! They are packed with the creamy pistachio taste and sweetness from the dates. I can't wait for you to indulge in these gluten free and vegan treats!
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  • 1 cup pistachios unshelled, lightly salted
  • 1 cup medjool dates, pitted
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips , melted

Optional Ingredients

  • 2 tbsp ground flax
  • 1/4 cup protein powder, plain
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil


  • Blend pitted dates and pistachios in a food processor.
  • Add protein powder and ground flax seeds here if using any.
    If the batter is too dry and crumbling, slowly add 1 – 2tbsp water or nut milk.
  • Continue to blend until it forms into a gooey blob. It may be completely smooth because the pistachios are roasted/salted instead of soaked cashews like my other no bake energy balls.
  • The dates should be well blended in (this is what creates the gooey and sticky texture).
  • Scoop into balls and roll them. Freeze for at least 30 minutes.
  • In a microwave safe bowl, heat ½ cup of your favorite dark chocolate for 30 – 45 seconds. Add 1 tbsp coconut oil (optional) for the ultimate smooth bite. Only using dark chocolate shell could crack easily (I mean which is also fine). Let it cool slightly, about 1 minute.
  • Dip each ball in, coat all the way around.
  • Sprinkle more crushed pistachios on top.
  • Freeze for another 20 minutes and enjoy!

The Nutrition Facts above are specific to the ingredients I chose to use for this recipe, which may vary.