Gooey and Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough layered with dark chocolate and sprinkles of sea salt. this is the best no bake cookie dough recipe out there. It is also Vegan, Keto, and Paleo-friendly, and easy to make.


Since I made my edible cookie dough with sweet potato, I have been obsessed. And now it was time to make a chocolate chip cookie dough recipe.

The gooey, sweet, and nutty flavor combination is unbeatable. So here, I made it even more chocolatey and this time Keto-friendly as well.

Keto and Paleo Friendly Cookie Dough

fudgy and gooey energy bites that are vegan, paleo and keto friendly

Make it Keto Friendly:

Instead of dates or any carby sweetener, you can use keto-friendly sweeter, such as stevia or monk fruit extract.

Make it Paleo Friendly:

Simply replace the peanut butter with any other nuts or seed butter of your preference for paleo-friendly cookie dough treats.

Chocolate and More Chocolate

three raw cookie dough bars stacked on top of each other. there are topped with vegan dark chocolate and sea salt


How much chocolate is too much chocolate?

In addition to the chocolate chips and cacao nibs inside of the cookie dough layer, I also added a rich layer of dark chocolate.

Simply melt 1 cup of chocolate of your choice. My favorite is this paleo-friendly chocolate. Additionally, add 1/4 part of coconut oil in order to reduce the cracking when you cut into the chocolate layer.

What is Edible Cookie Dough Made of?

a food processor with a batch of raw energy bites



Raw Eggs can lead to the risk of salmonella. So this no bake cookie dough does not contain any eggs. Instead, I used 2 flax eggs which are made with ground flax seeds and water.

No baking soda:

Since there is no baking required, baking soda or any other rising agents are not necessary for this recipe.

No raw flour:

Uncooked flour could have been contaminated with various bacterias. But in this edible cookie dough, the only flour (optional) used is coconut flour. It is made from pure coconut which doesn’t create any health risk as raw flour does.

What Alternatives can I use for Edible chocolate chip Cookie Dough?

7 raw cookie dough bars with dark chocolate

My favorite nut butter to use is peanut butter. I think it goes so well with chocolate.

However, there are many delicious alternatives that you can choose from.

Paleo-Friendly Nut butter:

I also love using almond butter or cashew butter. The smooth kind of almond butter gives this healthy cookie dough a nice gooey texture and nutty flavor.

Nut Allergy-friendly:

If you have a nut allergy to the alternatives described above, you can also choose to use sunflower seed butter or tahini (made from sesame seeds).

How to Store No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

energy bite right from the freezer that is healthy and delicious

I highly recommend storing it in the freezer. In an air-tight container or food storage bag, these cookie dough bars can last up to a month.

Since I like it extra gooey and smooth, I always make it borderline melty. So I prefer storing them in the freezer. It only takes a couple of minutes before the cookie dough layer starts to soften up when you take them out of the freezer.

If storing in the fridge, they will last about 4 – 5 days. Enjoy right away after you take them out at room temperature.

Last but not least, scroll down to check out this easy and delicious recipe. You will love how gooey and nutty these edible cookie dough bars are. Even better? You won’t believe it is healthy, Vegan, Keto, and Paleo-friendly.


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No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars pinterest image

No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars |Gooey and Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough layered with dark chocolate and sprinkles of sea salt on a piece of marble.

Get the recipe:Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars

Gooey and Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough layered with dark chocolate and sprinkles of sea salt, a delicious snack and dessert that is also vegan, keto and paleo friendly.
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Cookie Dough Layer

  • 2 cups raw cashews, soaked
  • 6 – 8 pitted medjol dates
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter or cashew/almond butter for paleo option
  • 1 tbsp coconut flour, optional*
  • 1/2 cup cacao nibs and/or chocolate chips
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt

Chocolate Layer

  • 1 cup chocolate melted
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter or cashewbutter
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt


  • Soak raw cashew in cold water overnight (or in warm water for 2 hours) with a pinch of salt. Drain and rinse.
  • Remove pits in Medjool dates and lightly chop them up.
  • Pulse cashews in a food processor until fine texture. Add peanut butter, flax eggs, and dates. Blend again until gooey.
  • Add cacao nibs or chocolate chips and pulse a couple of times or fold them in.
  • Add th cookie dough to a 9×5 loaf pan and freeze for half an hour.
  • Take the loaf pan out of the freezer. Melt 1 cup of chocolate of choice in a bowl with nut butter. Pour over the cookie dough layer. Sprinkle with some sea salt and freeze for at least 2 hours.
  • Cut into bars. Enjoy!


1. *If the texture is very soft and gooey, you can add additional coconut flour until the dough is more on the gooey side.
2. For the paleo option, replace peanut butter with cashew or almond butter.
3. For Keto option, replace the Medjool dates with 3-4 tbsp of keto-friendly liquid sweetener.
4. For storage tips, please see the "How to Store" Section in this post.
Serving: 1g, Calories: 326kcal, Carbohydrates: 18g, Protein: 8g, Fat: 27g, Saturated Fat: 12g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 12g, Cholesterol: 23mg, Sodium: 259mg, Fiber: 3g, Sugar: 8g

The Nutrition Facts above are specific to the ingredients I chose to use for this recipe, which may vary.