If you are a first-time new mama like I am, I know exactly how you feel when it comes to starting that registry and researching all the must-have baby registry items.

Oh so fun, but oh so many decisions.

What do I need? Where do I start?

5 minutes into research..

I think I need EVERYTHING!

This has been a work in progress for a while and my baby registry has been tweaked many times based on friends’ advice (most of them have new insights and updates once the baby arrives), and a bunch of research. 

And of course, we all deserve something extra. I mean.. growing a HUMAN inside of our bodies is hard work. That’s a big deal, ok!? 

Now let’s get into it!

Here are some of my TOP must-have baby registry items in each category. I will start with the most essential items to nice-to-have ones.

This blogpost contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on a link and take action, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. However, I only recommend products I use and absolutely love!

Baby Transportation:


This might be THE biggest purchase for new parents. And there are so many things to take into consideration! My top four are:

  1. Do I need/want a single or double stroller
  2. Size and weight
  3. Ease of use
  4. Smooth ride (Wheels quality)

And that came down to TWO front runners:

Nuna Mixx Nx VS. UppaBaby Vista 2

They are very similar on the size, weight, smoothness and ease of use criteria.

But I debated on whether I need a double/single stroller for a LONG time (Tom can tell you about it.. #frustrateddaddy).

What we like about UppaBaby Vista 2 that Nuna Mixx Nx doesn’t offer:

  • A double stroller is great when trying to plan ahead for a second kid, might be the economical choice in the long run, and there is more storage. 
  • A large storage compartment underneath.
  • A bassinet is included (baked into the price)

How we made our decision on buying Nuna Mixx Nx:

  • It’s slightly bulkier (we may not need that much storage in the stroller all the time.
  • More expensive at the moment, and we only have ONE kid to start with.
  • The most important factor that finally convinced me was that a lot of moms have been telling me that if the older kids can walk well, they will not want to be in the stroller anyway.
  • A bonus point: I personally like Nuna’s color selection better.

So I decided to just wait to upgrade to a double stroller if needed when future comes.

Therefore, I finally decided on the single Nuna Mixx Nx Stroller, which is bit more petite looking and I love the color selection!

Infant Car Seats:

The most important purchase of all times!

Oh so stressful! All I knew was that we needed the absolutely safest car seat in the world! So after tons of research and recommendations, we decided on this Nuna Pipa Lite.

It is the lightest car seat on the market.

Nuna is one of the top trusted brands in the market for baby gear. With no exception, the safety features are amazing.

Here is a list of the best car seats for newborns in 2021, by Baby list.

Milk Snob

My car seat from Nuna comes with a dream drape, which covers the car seat up.

But if you choose one that doesn’t come with a cover I highly recommend getting one like this. It’s cute and versatile since you can use it as a breastfeeding cover too, which is why it’s on my registry. 

Car seat mirror

We will most likely never be able to take our eyes off our baby boy, right?

So a car seat mirror to be able to watch him when we are out for a ride feels like a must-have.

A few of my Baby Nursery Must-Have Items

To begin with, our first few most important items are Crib, Dresser, Changing Table, and a Swivel Chair.

Babybjörn Bouncer Bliss

Mommies and babies all over the world seem to love this Babybjörn bouncer!

It has three different positions that makes it suitable for both playing and sleeping. And it’s lightweight and folds flat which makes it easy to store and travel with. 

Co-Sleeping Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

After a lot of research for the best co-sleeping bassinet, I decided on this one.

The height is adjustable, it spins 360 degrees, vibrates, plays lullabies, and has a night light. Anything that might make me and my little family sleep better is going to be worth it. 

Lovevery Play Gym

I am so excited about this play gym! There are tons of them out there but this one is made with eco-friendly and baby-safe materials and it’s designed by development experts.

This play gym is perfect for the babies’ first year going through laying on his back, to tummy time to sitting up playing with accompanied toys and cards.

Baby Bath Time


You attach this bathtub to the kitchen or bathroom sink and can bathe your baby standing up in a comfortable position.

Or you can put it inside your regular tub or shower. And it comes with different slings so it can grow with the baby. Super practical for sure!

Baby Shampoos and body wash that I got lots of recommendations of

  1. Honest Company
  2. Puracy
  3. Tubby Todd

Last but not least, a few hooded towels, wash cloth (for face), and baby lotion.

Newborn Feeding Must-haves

Breast Pump

Before you go ahead and add a breast pump to your registry, check with your insurance company. Most of them cover a certain amount for a breast pump, and some you can even score with no out of pocket cost. After recommendations, I picked the Spectra S1.

With that being said, I have added this small portable Haakaa breast pump to my registry as well.

It’s cordless and perfect for on-the-go and to save what would otherwise have been spilled milk in the breast pad. Trusting all the reviews, it’s going to be life saving…

My Best Friend Nursing Pillow

Literally everyone I’ve been talking to says a nursing pillow is a complete must have!

It will give your arms a break and support you and your baby while nursing, bottle feeding, or just resting. I love this one from Boppy. The fabric is soft and cute, and you can machine wash the entire pillow! 

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced for formula feeding

I’m all about gadgets that make life easier!

This automated formula mixer will provide you with a warm and ready to go formula with just the push of a button, right when you need it. I know it’s not a necessity, but it sure sounds very useful to me! 

Lawn Countertop Drying Rack

Is it just me, or does it seem like every newish parent you know has one of these drying racks in their kitchen?

And of course, I want one too! Super practical for drying bottles, pump parts, pacifiers, and all other small items that are baby related. 

Bonus? You can use it to dry wine glasses too 😉

Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads

I got the advice to always carry an extra set of nursing pads wherever I go. Apparently, my boobs are going to leak a lot!?

So while trying to be as environmentally conscious I can (however; I will NOT do cloth diapers!) I’m hoping to love these washable pads. 

Nursing Bra:

You (aka your baby) are going to want easy access to the boobies. This nursing bra from amazon is super affordable and comfy.

Baby Diaper station must-haves

The general advice I got when it comes to diapers were don’t get TOO many diapers at this point. They grow out of the newborn size so quickly. So I have just one month’s supply on the registry.

However, another tip I got is to get one pack of diapers in each size, because you will eventually need that. 

Munchkins Diaper Pail

Anything that will make changing diapers more enjoyable I’m more than happy to put on my registry. 

I know people say you can get away with a regular trash can, but when I read about a diaper pail with a carbon filter for odor control, all I could think was YES PLEASE!

Portable Changing Pad

This one-hand Lil Fox Changing Pad has amazing Amazon reviews and promises easy one-hand changing for mommy (and daddy) on the go. This will be perfect for diaper changes in the park or any adventures coming up in 2021. 

Diaper Bag

I love this diaper backpack! A sleek design with a lot of function. It has multiple compartments, a changing pad, stroller straps, a key loop, two insulated pockets for keeping bottles warm, and multiple outside pockets with easy-glide dual zippers. 

The cutest items for the baby closet

Onesies and Footies

Okay, this is my favorite part! All these baby clothes give me serious butterflies!! But there are so many options out there and who really knows what’s best?

For example, zippers or buttons? To be sure, I put both on my list.

And again, everyone is different, I just need to test drive for myself to see what baby Tommy and I like best. 

But with some research and recommendations, I have found that some of the softest onesies are Solly Baby and Kyte. And I have to say that I think Carter’s has the cutest styles.

I also found the brand Magnetic Me has the smartest “technology” in their clothes! There are no complicated buttons or rough zippers, their clothes have magnets for super easy outfit changes! Pretty revolutionary if you ask me. 

Also, don’t little outfits make the best gift? 

I think I could make a registry just for outfits, but hey, I’m not a fashion blogger LOL… But I found some food-related bibs that are adorable! We all know that little Tommy is a future foodie! 

Velcro Swaddle

I have heard so many different opinions on all different traditional and velcro swaddle. So I got a couple of each kind just to see what the baby will like. And look at this cute design!

Magnetic Fleece Jacket

This is from the same smart brand I mentioned above. They have so much more than just convenient onesies, like this ADORABLE hooded fleece jacket!

Baby Tommy is due right in that transition time from winter to spring and I think this will be the perfect jacket for those first outside events. 

Baby Hooded Towel

These are so soft and fairly priced. Always have to make sure babies are warm all over from head to toe.

My Final thoughts on Must-Have Baby Registry Items

I hope these essential items from my registry help with your decisions a little bit mamas. There are SO many things the internet tells you to buy.

A couple advice that I have while you are deep in the water into your baby registry search:

  1. Get the essential items first, like car seat, stroller, diapers, changing station etc. It is A-OKAY if you forget something small. Daddy can always go out and get it OR anything can be delivered to your door in no time these days.
  2. REVIEWS REVIEWS. There will ALWAYS be bad reviews when it comes to baby products. It doesn’t mean they are not true. Every baby is different, every parent is different. People will always have strong opinions when it comes to baby products, especially if they love love it, or hate hate it.

Last but not least, would love to hear your must-have baby registry items so I can update this post to share with all the other new mamas 🙂

Best luck in your pregnancy journey. We got this!